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Let us get to know you and your pet so we can give them the care you need and deserve to simplify your move.

Key information and the travel itinerary
Are you traveling together on the same flight ?
More about your precious traveler/s
Would you like to have your pet fed or given treats after the final pet release?
You will need to attach a pouch of the treats for your pet. He/she will be hydrated at regular intervals
Word of Advice
We strongly recommend ample of crate-training prior to your pet’s travels as they will remain in their crates from pick up to drop-off, always to ensure security, safety and travel compliance. Cats are strictly kept in whereas in the case of dogs, the handler might take him/her for a toilet break or a walk based on their judgement.
From us to you
Have you relocated your pet before?
Would you like to be updated by our pet handling team?
48 hours prior to the flight a pet relocation officer is assigned to your flight and we will create a WhatsApp group between you and the pet relocation officer to provide you with continuous updates via pictures/videos
Will you be picking up your pet from the airport?
You will be guided on the collection process by the pet relocation officer on the day of arrival
Does your pet need to be dropped off?
Same-city pet taxi drop-offs are included in the fees; however, an additional AED 300 would apply for cross-city drop-offs.
Word of Advice
99% of the time, your pet will arrive at the wee hours of dawn...please have plenty of coffee and stay awake to receive them, and if you are unable to do so, please keep your phone on max volume because we promise you, we will ring doorbells and climb down your windows (if we have to) just to ensure we’re handing them over to you as soon as possible.
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