Our Close-To-Heart Initiative, Beautiful Wanderers

Packed with love, compassion and empathy.

Because it's more than just business.

So, how is the rescued pet’s relocation treated?
Simple, exactly like the others.

Back in 2019, Sandy Paws seeded with the innate mission to aid rescue animals. Why?

Because, what could be better than giving a loving home to a neglected soul who has been overlooked merely because they are a little different? Relocating homeless, unclaimed, special needs, disabled or elderly pets their forever homes is an ongoing initiative driven by us and wholly treated case-by-case, based on each rescue’s needs, situation and conditions.

1,000+ souls
70+ countries

We've connected 1,000+ precious souls across 70+ countries to their forever homes.

What’s our role?

We believe that a forever home can make all the difference in the world and every animal, neglected, elderly, disabled or with special needs deserves love and attention like any other. This is why we treat each rescue case-by-case, merely to ensure the animal is handled with extra special care while making this journey as affordable as possible for the rescuer.

If you have travelled out of the U.A.E. and fallen in love with a homeless cat or dog that you’d like to home, we’re there to handle the process of bringing them back here, plus, providing you with discounted rates.

Alternatively, if you have travelled to the U.A.E. and would like to take an unclaimed, a special needs, elderly or disabled pet back home, which could be anywhere in the world, our experienced Rescue Squad is right by your side to make this move super simple and affordable.

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While we are experts at addressing every question you may have, we strongly recommend for you to fill in your pet’s details, questions, requirements, inquiries and everything else involved about their journey. Submit your details and our team will get back to you with estimates, timelines and the steps to follow in 12 –24 hours!

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