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sandy paws reviews
Jac & Rod's Dog
From Brazil to Dubai
Feb 15, 2023

After we made the decision to accept the job offer in Dubai, we wanted to make sure that our Pet (Pedra) would come and move with us. Of all the processes we went through, the most complex by far was her journey.

Luckily there are specialized companies that helped us with the move, from the necessary exams, travel, receipt, paperwork and vaccines 💉

In the case of Dubai, the company that received the Stone and brought it straight to our house was Sandy Paws! And you can watch this whole adventure in our “PET” feature.

Have a look at the video here

Alyne's Cat
From Singapore to Dubai
Nov 8, 2022

Thank you to Sandy Paws who I hired and recommend here in the UAE ❤️ Have a look at the video here

Laura Anderson's Dog
From U.A.E. to Scotland
Aug 21, 2022

I cannot recommend Anum and her team at Sandy Paws enough. I owe you so much. Have a look at the video here

Artur Rajzyngier's Dogs
Form Czech Republic to U.A.E.
Oct 20, 2022

Huge thank you to the Sandy Paws people for a professional assistance with relocating my 2 dogs labrador retrievers form Cech Republic to the UAE! I highly recommend their service. Contact with them was excellent - whatsapp/call/email. Document clearing at the airport, contact with agency on the Cech side every aspect covered as I was expected. trusted you with my dogs and we are happy about it! Thank you one more time!!

Shem Fernandez’s Rabbit
From U.A.E. to Pakistan
Sep 8, 2020

Highly recommended to use their services! Thanks to Anum and Nabeel for making this process so easy for us to take our rabbit with to Karachi, Pakistan. Without you guys it would have been really difficult for us! Thank you once again for doing all the running around and keeping our baby safe while he was with you and making sure of his comfort aswell! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ U guys r the best!!

Yue Wu’s Cats
From U.A.E. to Canada
Dec 14, 2020

We couldn’t thank Sandy Paws enough to make this impossible mission happened and managed it in a perfect way.🙏
Our babies are safely with us in Toronto. I reached out to Sandy Paws in an extremely urgent situation because at that time our babies were handed to the wrong people due to our fault that we didn’t do any research. Sandy Paws only had one day to process everything, and our flight next day was early morning. I am sure there are good relocation companies out there, but Sandy Paws is definitely the most thoughtful, caring and professional one! You can easily tell who does this business for money, and who does it because they understand the worry and stress from the parents and furbabies. Not to mention how Sandy Paws managed to get the airline to approve my babies in a shortest timeline, processed all the necessary documentations, but also their service is so proactive and professional and I have the comparison which I saw how other pets’ crates look like at the check-in, and how secure my babies’. Now we all safely arrived, and spent our jet lag time together at the hotel.🙂
My babies are doing very well, as if the long flight was not that bad it’s like a vacation to them.
To bring furbabies with us needs months planning, hope no one will be in such urgent situation as we were in, but Sandy Paws is the best one and always there for whatever the situations are!

Kirsty Nimmo Veledian’s Dog
From U.A.E. to UK
Jul 21, 2021

I’ve just sent my 11 year old dog with Sandy Paws to the UK. I was extremely nervous as she’s never spent even one night away from home.
Sandy paws were professional, efficient and most importantly they cared. The updates throughout the journey helped ease the anxiety. Just knowing the staff genuinely care about the animals is worth everything 🙏

Nicole Breed - Rescue Relocation
From U.A.E to UK
Oct 26, 2020

Omg what can I even say?! Sandy Paws are just INCREDIBLE! In every sense! We have worked with them religiously since April and have now sent 45 of our rescues to the UK from Dubal and would never use anyone else for relocation. They're thorough, professional, keep it very personal and
tend to ours and our pets' needs, do all the hard work for us and most importantly put the animals first! I would trust Anum, Nabeel and the whole team to relocate ME along with all my pets we love you guys!

Verona Hoh Chi Vern’s Cats
From U.A.E to U.K
Feb 19, 2022

Sandy Paws' team is amazing. I was very reluctant to board my cats and wanted them to travel the same day as us. Anum and team did their best and got them a flight on a date we could work with despite challenges of full flights. Their team is very professional and friendly. They answered every call and query (no questions was too silly. I've never travelled with pets before so I had alot of silly questions). On top of all that, their prices are extremely reasonable. Their prices were less than half of what I was quoted by other service providers. Don't think if you're paying less means a lower quality service in this case. Could not recommend them enough!

Maneesha Rana’s Cats
From U.A.E. to India
Apr 7, 2021

Was having a tough time relocating my kids to India from Dubai. Someone suggested Anum. She and Nabil were absolutely brilliant and professional helping us along through the whole complicated process. Giving out good advice and trying to help us save wherever we could. Highly highly recommend them for a safe and comfortable relocation of your fur babies. Thank you Anum and Nabil for all the help, advice and reassurances. You guys are rockstars! With lots of love from Chaos, Punk, Bojka and their very grateful parents Fabian and Maneesha 💕

Samantha Venier’s Cat
From U.A.E. to UK
May 7, 2022

Sandy Paws relocated our newly adopted cat from the UAE to London. They were absolutely lovely, clear communication throughout the whole process with picture updates. They took the absolute best care of our cat. I couldn’t have asked for a more worry and stress free process for pet relocation services. Highly recommend this service!